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10w 20% overvolted halogen and 1103

The efficient light source and advanced optical, electronic and mechanical design of Solidlights mean that, watt-for-watt, they will do the job of typical halogen lights three times more powerful. For example, the 3 Watt 1103 can exceed the brightness of a 10 watt halogen bulb, and the 10 watt 1303 is as useful as 30 watts or more of halogen power.

The picture at the top of the page shows the beam of the Solidlights 1103 3 Watt light unit next to a 10 Watt halogen bulb which is 20% overvolted. The picture was taken using a Fuji Finepix F410 digital camera on its ISO800 setting. The lights were 3 metres (10 feet) from the brick wall and perpendicular to it. For scale, the pool of light cast by the 1103 is approximately 1 metre (3 feet 3 inches) wide. The wall has a matt finish, so there is no glare to affect the image.

Notice especially the difference in the light colour between the halogen bulbs and the LED, and how the more daylight-like light of the LED picks out the green of the weeds better.

The over-volted 10 watt halogen competes in brightness with the 3 watt 1103, but draws four times more power (over 12 watts). Its life expectancy would also be short, perhaps 200 hours or less, and the bulb is fragile. The LED is rated to last more than 20,000 hours.

1103 and 1303 comparison

Here are some photographs of the beams cast by the Solidlights 3 Watt 1103 and 10 Watt 1303. All photos are taken with the Fuji Finepix F410 camera, set to ISO800, f/2.8, 1/4 second exposure, colour correction fixed to 'cloudy day'.

In the photos below, the yellow posts are at 1.2m (4 foot) intervals. The closest post, on the extreme left edge, is 1.2m from the light.

3 Watt 1103 shining on row of yellow poles

Notice how the 1103's light output is concentrated into a pool straight ahead, making it perfect for road riding.

10 Watt 1303 shining on row of yellow poles

The 1303 has a brighter centre spot than the 1103 - notice how much further into the distance the light reaches - but also has more light outside the main beam, giving great peripheral vision. This feature makes it well suited to off-road use.

In the photos below, the small red and white object in the centre is a bike helmet placed 10 metres (33 feet) from the light. The large dark area on the left of the trail is a river!

3 Watt 1103 shining along singletrack

The 1103's concentrated beam is in evidence here. Notice how the beam is just the right width to cover the trail a few metres ahead, and yet extends far enough into the distance.

10 Watt 1303 shining along singletrack

The 10 Watt 1303 uses its extra light output in two ways: firstly in a more intense central beam, and secondly in extra peripheral light, perfect for twisty singletrack. Notice how the vegetation and river bank close to the rider is clearly lit, but without dazzle.