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model 1203D

model 1203D

The 1203D is now discontinued, to be replaced by the Solidlights XB2 in January 2009. This page now only exists as a reference and will eventually be removed.

The 1203D is the ultimate commuting light. It uses state-of-the-art electronics to extract maximum power from modern hub dynamos. Its two 3 Watt LEDs are regulated automatically to give maximum light and minimum flicker at any speed, and will never burn out.

Its beam pattern is tailored for road riding, and its advanced features include a flashing mode as well as a standlight for increased visibility when stationary, or even to give enough light to fix a nocturnal puncture.

The 1203D is ideal for commuting, touring or Audax rides, and surprisingly useful off-road too!

how does it work?

LEDs need smooth, regulated DC current for good performance and long life. A hub dynamo, on the other hand, produces a highly variable AC current, originally intended to power a simple light bulb. The amount of power available depends on the road speed.

The advanced electronics in the 1203D take whatever power the dynamo is producing and constantly adjust the brightness of the LEDs to match, always making the most of what's available. As the road speed increases, both LEDs are gradually powered up, adding extra light for fast road sections and downhills.

Until now, making use of this extra power available from hub dynamos has required cumbersome wiring, extra headlights and manual switching. The 1203D integrates everything into one convenient unit, with a waterproof electronic switch and even a flashing mode for extra visibility in urban areas.

The 1203D includes a standlight. This means that it stores some energy as you ride and uses it to power one of the LEDs for several minutes after you've stopped. Although the brightness is reduced, it is enough to warn other road users of your presence. It's also handy for reading a map or fixing a puncture.

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