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For serious off-road riding and 24 hour racing, the 10 Watt Solidlights 1303 is the one to choose. It uses three LEDs and advanced control technology to make it one of the most powerful LED bike lights in the world.

The lens system has been carefully designed to make the best possible use of the light output. It results in an intense centre spot which picks out every detail of the trail ahead, combined with a broad spread of light for great peripheral vision without dazzle. There's no need to choose between a spot and a flood beam, because the 1303 is the ultimate combination of both.

The 1303 packs in more than three times the power of the 1103 with only 50% more weight. It contains a state-of-the-art digital control system which gets maximum performance from the LEDs, using information about the battery, the LEDs and the temperature to give them an optimal operating environment.

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1303 shining along row of yellow poles at 4 foot intervals1303 shining along singletrack

Need something smaller? Try the 1103.


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